Raising Schnookems – the poddy lamb

There are thousands of ‘poddy lambs’ raised in Australia each year, which have become orphaned for a number of reasons: The lamb may be a triplet, the ewe doesn’t have enough milk or a maiden (young) ewe may not have developed strong maternal characteristics. This year I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to raise “Schnookems” – a first cross (Border Leicester X Merino) lamb that was given to me to raise by a near-by farmer.

Schnookems was 4 days old when I took her home.

Schnookems 4 days old

Keeping Schnookems warm with a jacket

Meeting the flock for the first time – the ‘white’ sheep of the family

Travels with me where ever I go so never to miss a feed

8 weeks old and busted eating the garden

Schnookems has had all of the ‘normal’ lamb treatments such as vaccinations, drench, tail docked and soon to be ear tagged. Once Schnookems is weaned, she will join the flock out in the paddock and will have lambs of her own when she grows up.


5 thoughts on “Raising Schnookems – the poddy lamb

  1. We have reared many poddies over the years too – but I think your Schnookems takes the cake! I love his little rug and rides in the car 🙂 🙂

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